About Us

Our Passion

We have a passion to deliver exceptional events for our clients! It’s important to us that we challenge ourselves to, inspire, motivate and celebrate people. We will work hard to build a solid relationship with you which will promote a stronger understanding of your goals and ideals. “ESE” wants to ensure that your event is meaningful to you and memorable for your guests!

 As a new company, “ESE” will start off small but will launch with drive and determination to accomplish anything for our clients! We encourage you to set back and relax! Let us ensure an incredible, fun and exciting planning process, you’ll never forget!

About Our CEO

Hi I’m Nikki, a small-town girl who has a love for God, music, entertainment, and togetherness! As a little girl, I was brought up in church and was taught to sing in the choir. The Mother of the church, Blanche Smith, used to boogie-woogie on the piano. I fell in love with the sound & feeling and I wanted to explore more music. My small town would turn me on to rock and roll. My grandmothers would turn me on to blues and gospel. Artists like Little Walter, B.B. King, Walter Hawkins, and the Winans were always household favorites. Yolanda Adams, Vickie Yohe, Etta James, and Leela James are other favorites! My grandfather turned me on to country music! Loretta Lynn became one of my favorite country singers! I saw her on one of my birthdays and she did the whole concert with a broken leg and was still amazing! My aunt and uncle turned me on to R&B and Jazz. So, now when I want to relax, I turn on Kenny G or Boney James or Luther Vandross! Patti Labelle, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera & KellyClarkson are some of my  favorite Diva’s! I just had to mention them! Those Ladies Can Blow!

I enjoy music which is probably my first love and next is being with family and friends. I started my adult years helping people put together parties, weddings, events for the church, family reunions, etc. I sold tickets to a gospel play I wrote in 2006, using local people and music bands. We donated the money to a local church in need. I can’t wait to do it again, I’m writing another play now!

After 33 years in the medical field, I retired and started taking care of my grandson. I started planning his birthday parties with many themes, right down to the props, tableware, and clothing, so people started asking me to do their kids’ parties too. So, I decided to put together the things I love into one business. Thus Eclectic Sounds Entertainment was born!

Although starting out small, I have big ideas and can see myself reaching my business vision within the next 2 years. As for now, my goal is to give quality customer service, do an amazing job for each and every client. I will keep close professional business relations while protecting each and every registered talent and business that we use. I want to make every experience with us so awesome that it causes you to return and tell all your friends about us.

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